About us


Glassven Yangzhong Silicas and Chemicals J.V. Ltd., is a Joint Venture Company, located in Jiangsu Province, China. We are a recognized manufacturer of Specialty Precipitated Silicas and Synthetic Sodium Silicates aimed to oral and personal care, human foodstuffs and animal feed, paint and coatings, agrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceutical, rubber and tire industry.


Our headquarter, Glassven, C.A., is located in Venezuela, where we have developed through the years advanced technologies to provide our customers high-quality products with value-added services for worldwide market in order to achieve the excellence in Quality, Service, Technology, Innovation and Productivity.


Currently, our products can be found in more than one hundred and ten countries around the world through our different Sales Agents and Distributors located in Europe,America, The Middle East, Far East, Africa andAsia.



我们的总部Glassven, C.A., 座落于委内瑞拉在这儿,我们通过高科技发展了多年为我们的全世界的客户提供高质量和高附加值的服务以便达到优良的品质,服务,科技,创新和产品.